Dance Macarbre

08 Dance MacabreThe Pinkerettes
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Complaining, lamenting, protesting, opposing, dude, that’s your solution

Forgetting, ignoring, neglecting, discounting, things that went on before

You think that’s your lot is the worst that has been in the world

But the past is one giant vessel brimming with hurt.


Condemning, denouncing, reproaching, chastising, for things that have no causes

Concocting, devising, inventing, projecting stuff that’s not in the world

You think that your misery was produced by some evil beast

But this is deluded witchhunting to say the least.


Not knowing, recoiling, sidestepping, evading the truth that wealth is created

Blissfully ignorant of mankind’s achieving the feat of great escape

You think that some goddess endowed us with some giant gift

But mind that between us and nature there is a great rift.


Science is that what we need

Data should be our feed

Reason’s a gift to protect,

Soundness promotes happiness

Judgement supports blissfulness

Wisdom is what we should collect.


Confusing, misjudging, confounding, misreading the picture of what is around you

Distorting, perverting, adorning, mistaking facts that flow to your head

You should be using your reason instead of your guts

For your lack of logic is causing the world to go nuts.