Inequality in Blue
09 Inequality in BlueThe Pinkerettes
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Let’s talk about your fetish

Your whip to flog the rich

For you just heard from Piketty

Inequality’s a bitch.


Equality would make you happy [is what you think]

But that’s just plenty of thin air

Your theory is quite scrappy

Cause then we would be poor


You think it’s going to the wealthy

But that’s fallacy of the lump

It would be much more healthy

If you threw it in the dump.


You think the rich have stolen

The things that they own

And that’s the reason they hole in

While are others just groan.


You see justice in percentage

Like proportion heaven-made

But that belief is expensive

Weighing down on daily trade.


Would you welcome the levellers

Epidemics, major wars

I prefer the income swellers

People crowding in the stores.


Inequality’s your fetish

But not a very sexy kind

Never listen to Pikketys

For they tend to make you blind.