Liberal Anthem

Migawka Zenek.png

There is no Church of John Stuart Mill

No priest defend our reason

No Pinkers preach on every hill

No chants exalt Adam Smith.

They profane reason

They profane freedom

They profane justice

They profane science.

On their altars there is power

Love of money and glory

Their preaching is drivel,

Rabble-rousing and venom.

Their church music is thrashy

They lift Zenek to the choir

Instead of using incense

They spread the smell of nonsense.

So let’s build a church of John Stuart Mill

Let priests defend our reason

Let Pinkers preach on every hill

Let chants exalt Adam Smith.


Let their creed seep down into all human minds

And lead us to Enlightenment

Let salvation mean getting rid of the pests

Of  misery and pain.