Sibelian Eclipse
07 Sibelian EclipseThe Pinkerettes
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Eclipsed by the devil from Trier
You made the invisible hand
He went through life with a sneer
And you were the mankind’s best friend.

Splashing venom that oozed from his liver
He stood Hegel’s junk on its head
He got fat producing his drivel
And made bastards on a flea-ridden bed.


Trading wars were not your desire

You wished nations to sail abreast

Wanted people to go ever higher

May your name forever be blessed.


Juggling data to fit his aspersions

He set off a flood of fake news

His religion brought a flock of conversions

And the world got a big nasty bruise.

Though he made you look sodden with evil  
And he thought your consciousness false

It was him who brought the upheaval

Which took progress left of its course.

Wise and kind, unrefined, gentle sage

Much maligned by mankind, free of rage

Smart and rude, soaked in feud, waving fists

Why the crush for this brute still persists.

Your vision run into some trouble

And unreason is having a boon

His ideas will burst like a bubble

And freedom will shine like a moon.

Though he’s hoisted by some strange bedfellows

And people drink his bitter brew

You are listening to celestial cellos

And the future will give you your due.